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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Answering a Nigerian skeptical about Jesus

I was invited to be an online missionary for Global Missions Outreach, answering questions about Jesus from all over the world. A gentleman from Nigeria wrote this week, saying he hadn't invited Jesus into his life yet, but he wanted to investigate more. His question: "What are the evidences that Jesus is Savior?" Following is my answer:

Hello Zakage (name changed),

My name is David.

You asked what are evidences that show Jesus is Savior. I can tell you how I know for sure!

1. He changed all my interests and desires by transforming my life!
2. He took my heart of stone (mockery) and changed it to a heart of flesh (compassion, giving, tears).
3. The empty tomb: His Resurrection from the dead! How do I know this?
a. Timid disciples (students of Jesus) were transformed into bold preachers!
b. Those who witnessed Jesus alive again changed worship to Sunday in a culture who worshiped on Saturday!
c. Witnesses who walked and talked with Jesus after He rose again went to tortuous deaths standing by what they saw to the very end. No one voluntarily goes to such suffering for something they know to be untrue!
d. Jesus rose from the dead in a place where doubters could go and see for themselves and talk to hundreds who saw Jesus alive again!
e. Formerly timid students turned the world upside down and spread the word until followers of Christ are the largest group on the planet!
f. Jesus continues to influence and communicate with me and many others!
g. More than 300 predictions by Jesus and earlier prophets have COME TRUE!
h. Jesus' method of crucifixion was predicted in Psalm 22, 400 years before crucifixion existed!
i. Disciples were in despair when they saw that Jesus had died, but they became joyful when they saw Jesus live again!
j. Paul, an enemy of Christians, met Jesus on the road to Damascus and Jesus radically changed his life!
k. Jesus' own brother James, before a skeptic, saw Jesus alive again and became an enthusiastic believer and leader in the church!

There are so many evidences that one would have to work harder than ever to find any reason NOT to believe in Jesus the Savior! I cannot find even one reason NOT to believe! Can you?

I have barely started. But I am sure you have other questions, and I am here to help. Please write back. Tell me how I can best pray for your particular circumstances. I prayed for you today!


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