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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Depressed & nauseated by the election? Here's help!

In 2008 and 2016 half the country was sickened by the results.

HERE'S WHY: Pressure groups have convinced you via grievance mongering that you're a nobody unless you choose an IDENTITY with a group that matters. Otherwise, they falsely tell you, you are a helpless victim.

SOLUTION #1: Discard all identities. If you isolate an identity, you are jettisoning the whole person of you. You become a lemming, subject to ever-changing, fickle crowd psychology. 

If your worldview faith is in secularism or eastern religions, the only identity you need is citizen.

If your faith is in Jesus, you only need identity in Christ.

SOLUTION #2: Discard all rights EXCEPT your "unalienable rights endowed by [your] Creator."

I did both of these after elections I didn't like and I feel much better.

GUARANTEED. Skip the identity lies, propaganda and straphangers. Try it! You'll like it! And tomorrow the sun will rise and you'll be so much happier!

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