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Saturday, January 3, 2015

How can we stop living our year over & over again and start setting achievable goals to get moving on progress?

Adapted from Michael Hyatt
1. Start here  <<(click on the link).
2. Be intentional about your goals upfront.
3. Break goals down into small bites.
4. Schedule 2-3 tasks a week to make progress on your goals. Set deadlines. If it's on the calendar, it gets done.
5. Give yourself permission to dream.
6. Set both milestone and habit goals - it takes more than 21 days; research shows it takes 66 days to build a habit.
7. Learn to say no in order to say yes to something greater.
8. If you can focus on a consuming goal that you are passionate about, learn to say no to just about everything. --Warren Buffett
9. Keep it simple. Over-planning results in procrastination.
10. Identify your limiting beliefs. Look at them from another direction, as opportunities.
11. The future doesn't equal your past.
12. Make your goals specific and measurable. "I will lose 30 pounds by June 30."
13. Stagger deadlines. Don't make every deadline December 31.
14. Establish the "why" for each goal and revisit it. Lose your "why" and you lose your way.
15. Beat procrastination. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
16. Keep your motion going toward your goals. Do something now.
17. Choose goals NOT in your comfort zone, but in your discomfort zone. If you go beyond that to the delusional zone, crank it back a couple clicks until you're in the discomfort zone.
18. Make yourself do something you don't want to do in order to achieve something great.
19. Bigger goals are more likely achieved than smaller goals.
20. Start with goals you want the most - those that excite you.

End of Year Blessing...
May you shake off the dust of regret and disappointment and walk boldly into the New Year. May you raise your arms in praise and open your hands in faith. May God give you a fresh anointing and impart to you a clearer vision for your life. May you make every moment count in the days ahead. God appointed you to life a significant life. May you lay hold of it this year! --S. Larson

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