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Monday, December 29, 2014

Trying to engage the Dones and Nones

A thought-provoking article talks about active, giving Christians dropping out of church. While others don't have an identifiable belief and are called the Nones, those committed Christians who drop out are called Dones. This may be disturbing to some or at least must-read and thought-provoking: Read about the Dones

My missionary-training classmate at the Navigators, Ruth Knutson, wrote Reflections from an Imperfect Beloved One that addresses some of these problems, namely, as stated in the article I cited, that the Dones don't like to be lectured and are tired of "plop, pray and pay."

Some remedies from Ruth's insightful book:

"Research has shown than after twenty-four hours, most people forget 90 percent of what they've heard."

"Wise facilitators will share their knowledge in bite-size pieces so that people in the group are absorbing and personalizing the information. Less really is more. Less knowledge that is personally and deeply understood and applied is more powerful and useful than too much knowledge that is not remembered, understood, or applied."

"In church services, the 'movement' goal might be accomplished by having people stand for a song or prayer at appropriate places in a sermon."

"God created us in His image as relational, communicative beings, not only as listeners."

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