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Thursday, November 5, 2015

My career inspiration: insightful Paul Harvey

Lots of joyful tears today remembering my inspiration, Paul Harvey. An older high school kid at church told me about a class at the University of Washington in broadcast writing. He said they studied Paul Harvey and his "pregnant pause." Knowing that I would fall short in my chosen changing majors of math and music (I couldn't get there before the draft), because of Paul Harvey, I chose radio-television as a major at the University of Washington. I listened to Paul until his death at 90. I consider him the greatest broadcaster in history. After you view my previous post about his brilliant essay on zucchini and dirt roads, please, please, please carve out 44 minutes in front of a fireplace to watch this profound program broadcast at Paul's death. Wow!!!!! What great insight about the distaste of war and so many other subjects. He was a conservative against the Vietnam War. A thinker. He inspires me to communicate better. Dress better. Pray better. Be better. See his life-changing interview HERE. Some excerpts:
In today's wars there are no more civilians (and maybe war will become obsolete because there is no longer any place to hide).
He hit the nail with his head...
Excesses end up in their own undoing.
Tomorrow has always been better than today.
On obesity: Spread the gospel of discipline.
I spent a lot of time on my knees that night (after a brilliant surgeon restored his voice).

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