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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Climate change and the 'Age of Endarkment'?

UPDATE: An excellent article.

When it comes to climate change, look for 3 factors:
- money: who loses and who gains?
- models: we're doomed; it's too late; climate will inundate us, melt all the ice and destroy our cities. These conclusions arise from models - predictions of things that haven't happened. Models can be wrong.
- euphemisms: oops, we can' call it "global warming" during a polar vortex. Let's call it "climate change."

For more thought on lockstep thinking and the need to be skeptical, see my post on lemmings.

An interesting and somewhat lighthearted discussion addressing opposing views:
Age of Endarkment

Should we or should we not follow the money? Lotta dough

Possible solution - a tradeoff: fund some sensible climate-change initiatives in return for a balanced-budged amendment, both of which might benefit of our children and grandchildren.

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