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Friday, November 21, 2014

Transform your life with the wisdom of the ages

Skeptics often throw Bible verses at me, out of context. See my theses 42 and 72. Sometimes they tap into another skeptic on the Internet who borrowed out-of-context lists of verses to prove some goofy point.

A text without context is a pretext for a context.

You could not possibly read a book that can have a more profound impact on your life forever than the Bible, especially if you are a sincere truth-seeker. Even a non-believer can profit from the historical and insightful richness of the Bible.

Sometimes people complain that the Bible is too boring or massive to tackle, and they give up on the most enriching experience of their lives.

An article that can help spice things up and lead to more appreciation and understanding of God's Word is 5 Mistakes People Make When Reading the Bible

I recently finished listening to The Daily Message Bible, an audio reading I got free when I signed up for Audible.com - a truly enjoyable experience.

Get creative. Soak in the wisdom of the ages.

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