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Friday, July 17, 2015

Why the Iran Deal is the best thing that ever happened, more or less

1. Iran can be trusted. As devoted spiritual leaders they have NEVER cheated, thank goodness.
2. Iran leaders are truthful. What they say, we can rely on. They NEVER distort the truth.
3. President Obama, who is without question the most trustworthy president I have worked for, including LBJ on, has opened our nuclear facilities to anytime inspections by Russians. But in the interest of not offending anyone, we cannot expect the same from Iran.
4. War or cave-in. There is no other option. My vanpool driver says it's so.
5. I am the least of fed civilians and the least of presidential candidates, and I cannot for the life of me think of other economic options.
6. I cannot think of PsyOps in which I would send Ann Lotz to ask about (again) this.
7. I think Saudi Arabia and Egypt are powerless to solve the problem.
8. I think Israel is powerless to solve the problem.
9. I voted for moving the UN to Gitmo before I voted against it.
10. I believe in a one-world, open-border government.
11.  My vanpool drive was most comfortable when GHWB-James Baker-SecDef Cheney were in power and pulled off the 1991 100-hour war. I was born at night, but not last night. I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
12. I had several ingeniously clever more points.
13. But at my age, I forgot.
14. Oh yeah, no action unless I would be willing to go myself or send my son or daughter.
15. Who was the wise guy in 1991 that built up overwhelming force only to find thousands of the enemy surrendering?
16. When I participated in the installation of Pershing II missiles, my thought was, "Why aren't others paying for this?" Same in Korea and Japan.
17. Much is going on behind the scenes in SIOP-Top Secret operations as happened when the Soviet Union was convinced to stand down (not to mention the admirals assigning LT Bob Woodward to resign from the Navy and join the Washington Post and expose Watergate).
18. Why did the Ayatollah release hundreds of our hostages from Iran Jan. 20, 1981, during Reagan's inaugural address? Strength or weakness? Fireworks or tough talk?
19. Much, much, much more, but they'll return to me.

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