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Monday, December 8, 2014

Profanity, humor & Mother Teresa

I grew up around Catholics who told me their religion is very difficult. I never understood that. My Catholic friends could do all the things I was taught not to do.

One stark difference was profanity. They pointed out that profanity was OK if used properly - that is, to damn an object and not a person. They could even invoke God to condemn an object.

I know a devout Catholic who carries a reputation - waitresses won't serve him because of his verbal abuse. Other drivers are subject to his obscene gestures and filthy talk. Every other word, even in normal conversation is the "F"-word.

And yet he is one of the most charitable, giving people I know.

Unfortunately, few if any people are persuaded by his language to consider a life of faith if he is an example.

Wait a minute! Is profanity one of those gray areas that are not prohibited in the Bible? Are the faithful making themselves out to be Pharisees by requesting that profanity be curtailed?

Someone said, "Profanity is ignorance made audible." Is it? Yes, I've heard it from dunces. But I've also heard it from some of the best-educated people.

I wonder why the devil insists they all use the same words, as lemmings? Why not something different, such as "fungus-faced toad-sucker"? Something original? Nope. The devil won't allow it. Do profane people have no choice but to use the devil's very selective language and none other?

So what does God's Word say? I've heard some try to find a translation to suit their biases, prohibiting any form of joking or silliness. That's why it's important to compare several translations:

Ephesians 5:4

For a contextual discussion, I found this: Definitions

As for being a good, charitable person with a filthy mouth, consider this: James 3:10-11

Let me say this: unwholesome and unhelpful talk isn't confined to Catholics. We are all guilty at sometime or other.

Will Catholics be in Heaven? I'm convinced and met Catholics who trust in Jesus.

Someone had the audacity to say "Mother Teresa wasn't born-again."

In the Rome airport in 1980 I saw someone who looked like Mother Teresa. It was she! Some in our party got to talk to this humble woman whose clothes were tattered. I observed her for some time. If she's not in Heaven, we are all in trouble!

    Surprise in Heaven

    I dreamt death came the other night
    And Heaven’s gate swung wide.
    An angel with a halo bright
    Ushered me inside.And there! To my astonishment
    Stood folks I’d judged and labeled
    As “quite unfit”, “of little worth”,
    And “spiritually disabled”.
    Indignant words rose to my lips
    But never were set free,
    For every face showed stunned surprise --
    Not one expected me!

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