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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Torture or enhanced interrogation techniques?

Angered by her computer being hacked and about to lose her chairmanship, Senator Dianne Feinstein released a report on the CIA that is political, biased and devoid of interviews of key people. It implies that killing non-combatants with drones is morally superior to capturing terrorists to for needed intelligence. It throws under the bus sincere, hard-working people who love their country.

Put it in perspective. Some 3,000 people had just been murdered by terrorist - some jumping from windows to avoid being burned to death. That's torture.

Let me say that from the beginning, I advocated banning torture in order to deprive the enemy of an excuse to torture American captives.

The problem is in defining what torture is. The left and right can shop for lawyers who will support either side.

Albert Einstein had joined an international group that tried to devise a moral code independent of Judeo-Christian ethics. They gave up in despair.

Professors teach relative truth - that there are no objective truths, and that what is true for you isn't necessarily true for me (how does that work at a bank?). Interestingly, the professors expect you to accept what they say about truth as objective truth!

In such a moral cesspool, there can be no consensus on what is torture. The report, thus, is meaningless.

I have a solution. It is based on "What would Jesus do?"

Clearly there were abuses, acts that went beyond the 12 authorized enhanced techniques.

I'm not sure what Jesus would do in each case, but we can infer from what he said ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you") and put in place a policy that might make sense: Whoever practices one of the techniques must first experience the technique in training themselves. Navy Seals must undergo water-boarding and sleep deprivation. Such a policy should be applied to all involved in using such measures. Ironically, this proposed policy can only be considered academic, since such techniques have been banned for the better part of a decade.

Next, we should ponder what Jesus meant by loving your enemies. How do you love someone who, more than life itself, wants to behead you and your daughter? Perhaps you can suggest a way. Praying for them is a start. "An eye for an eye" provides a clue about proportion: if my enemy destroys my house, I'm not to nuke his city.

Finally, why isn't this administration pursuing prosecution of CIA operatives? Because they want to avoid prosecution by the next administration.

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