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Monday, October 5, 2015

Beauty dragging a creep?

As a professional communicator, the populace often misunderstands me.

Oops. Pal Dan reminds me to write with short words.

Friends and family get me wrong now and then.

I don't like it much when folks praise beauty.

I can name names of boys, girls, men and women who wince when they hear praise of one close to them for their looks.

Yes, that's too often what we notice first. But so many folks think and talk of it all the time. When I call them on it, they think I am biased against beauty and thinness.

Does that mean I favor ugly and fat?


Maybe not. What the world thinks ugly may have inner beauty. 

All souls have beauty in some way.

What is beauty? Russian men like their women plump.

I know at least two men who have said embracing a thin woman feels like a bag of bones.

Bill Gothard asks us not to praise a little girl for being pretty. Someone else may hear and be hurt. Praise one for how helpful or thoughtful or brave or kind one is.

I find no guidance in scripture to evaluate a person based on how good they look. Saul was tall and dashing. He turned out to be a bad king. Then, Jesse's taller and better-looking sons were passed over for David.

Yes! There are many burdened by beauty who are lovely inside and out. I know that.

But please excuse me if I stick up for what the world thinks lesser lights.

I may be handsome now...but not before being thought of as the ugly duckling!

How many times have we seen a well-kempt woman dragging what strikes us as a creep - or vice versa. They must see beauty we don't.

Let's all look below the surface.

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