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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Are 3 birds deciding the election?

Three birds keep yacking at me. One on each shoulder and one on my head. The scrawny bird on my right shoulder says, "Hey, go with the flow. If Trump gets in, wouldn't it be fun to watch him knock heads and break things?"

The one on the left shoulder says, "Trump is the next Hitler."

The bird on top of my head says, "Trump is a plant. He got together with Hillary a year ago and said, 'I'll announce for the presidency and appeal to everyone's fears, insulting Mexicans and Muslims. The Rednecks will love it, and I can wreck the Republican Party. The Bushes and Rubios will be done. The Hispanics and Muslims will be yours. If I win the nomination, the election is yours. If I don't get nominated, I'll run as a third-party candidate. Either way, you'll be the next president.'"

The three birds all talking at once is a noisy cacophony. Which one should I listen to, if any?

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