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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Can't hear your kids/grands anymore? Do you pretend to hear them and nod your head. Time to hear your most precious loved ones. I've tried several hearing aids. Amplified cheaps. Miracle Ear. Military at 1/6 the cost (turned them in for a refund). NO! The best in the world are Costco's Kirkland Signature hearing aids for 1/3 the cost (yes, some cost, around $1800). They run off my smart phone. I change the volume, background noise, treble and bass on the phone. Calls coming in? Only I hear them in my aids. Stunningly rapturous music? I (only) hear them in flawless stereo. In my aids. YOU need them. You love your offspring. Start hearing them. Today. P.S. Batteries are cheapest at Costco.

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