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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rough & tough Medical Lake healing

BREATHTAKING HEALING TRIBUTE to my good friend and neighbor, Master Chief Bob Evans, USN Seabee, Retired, who spends much of his year doing electrical work for church camps. He has been working at Medical Lake near Spokane. He told of two youth groups coming in for camp. The first was a clean-cut bunch. The second was a scruffty, unkempt group of kids. One girl, he noticed, clutched her hand to her midriff and dragged her foot. She had cerebral palsy. One night the kids were challenged to pray for one another. Several laid lands on the girl, along with a counselor. The counselor reported feeling new tissue swelling up in the girl's arm. She was completely healed, verified the next morning. Master Chief Bob, choking back tears, had observed that these were rough-looking kids whose prayer was effective. "It taught me never to be judgmental," he said.

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